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Solar Master Plan

Solar Master Plan

What is a Solar Master Plan?

A Solar Master Plan is a method of showing how a development, either commercial or residential can take advantage of the suns energy to help heat a building by orientating glazing units in such a way as they can gather heat from the sun during the daytime. This is particularly useful in the winter months when the radiant heat of the sun and infrared levels are not as high as in the summer months.

By positioning glazing units directly in the path of the suns rays heat can be generated in a building and what's more, it's free heat. Now, free heat sounds great but one of the problems with orienting glazing units to take advantage of the suns heat in the winter months is "Summer", in the summer the suns rays are much stronger than in the winter, the down side to this is that too much sun can make a building overheat, this can be at least very uncomfortable and at worst life threatening.

So, to get back to where we were, Solar Gains are a great source of free heat for a building, but it is important to have an effective method of shading for the summer months and an effective system to exhaust excessive heat quickly and effectively.


11 August 2017


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