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FIT Exemption Certificates

FIT Exemption Certificates

Solar PV EPC and FIT (Feed In Tariff) Exemption Certificates

With more and more companies looking to take advantage of Solar PV installations to claim the FIT (Feed In Tariff) from the Government the FIT plan requires an updated EPC for each site looking to install Solar Arrays of less than 50Kw peak, if the space is unconditioned then an exemption certificate is required 

New ‘draft’ FiT guidance issued by Ofgem on 30th November 2012 – “Feed-in Tariff: Draft guidance for renewable installations (Version 5)” – now states in section 2.83 the following:

“A ‘relevant building’ must also be a building in respect of which an EPC can be issued. If an EPC cannot be issued then the building is not a relevant building and the energy efficiency requirement does not apply. Under the EPB Regulations some properties are exempt from the requirement for an EPC; however, if a building can be assessed and receive an EPC then the energy efficiency requirement will apply under the FIT legislation (irrespective of whether an EPB exemption applies or not).”

Ofgem are of the view that churches (places of worship) can be issued with an EPC and are therefore not exempt from the requirement to have an EPC to support a FiT application – we are currently seeking a review of this and will keep you informed of the outcome.

Whatever the initiating purpose of the EPC is, please ensure you select the most relevant ‘Transaction type’ and that you only include the features present on the day of assessment/visit.

Contact us today on: 0800 699 0904 to discuss your project and any additional requirements you may have, we can help you discover whether your facility requires an EPC for the Feed In Tariff of if an exemption certificate is required.


29 July 2017


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